Season coming to an end

Jul 2023

July was a hot month. Heat wave followed by thunderstorms and more heat waves. The season is basically at an end now. The bees receive varoa treatments to kill those little bugs so they dont kill the bees in winter. Honey is extracted before this as now is the time to feed them with sugar water or fondant if needed so they have time to prepare and store for the coming winter. As I learn from my mistake last season, always leave the bees with plenty of their own honey which they worked hard to store and dont extract it all or feed them too late. This is how I lost a hive last year as they simply did not have time to convert the sugar syrup into stored honey for the winter. I rearranged the frames and left them with enough of their own honey. Here is a photo of one frame we took home to taste and one downsizing the hives for the end of season.

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Jun 2023

Finally sunny

June was a great month for my bees. All 3 of my hives thrived and the new hive sponsored by Telus International was strong now. The short period of flowering plants did not allow for much honey collection but had enough to feed their own brood and build a strong hive so now we are confident next season will be great for this hive. Our main aim is to keep the bees strong to survive the coming winter as last winter was not great. More family visited and got to see my hives and taste the honey directly from the hive which is absolutely amazing. Bees work so hard and are essential to our ecosystem.
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Mai 2023

Sun is out but still cold

This month we had plenty of family visiting. It is still a bit cold so the bees did not store much honey yet. My parents got to visit my hives and were shown how well they are doing and explained all about how they run their hives. Despite already being May, the weather hadnt really been that warm yet so there was not many plants to produce a lot of honey this season. Specifically I allowed them to store and keep their honey rather than extract as they struggled through the winter.
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