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Hektar & Nektar is the latest project of internet entrepreneurs Martin and Mark Poreda. The brothers, from Vienna, founded the employer evaluation platform in 2007 and sold it to the XING business network in 2013. According to their philosophy “digital solutions to improve the world", Martin and Mark Poreda are now, with Hektar & Nektar, bringing beekeeping and, more widely, bee protection, conservation and environmental recognition into the 21st century digital world. Hektar & Nektar brings beekeepers, farmers, gardeners, companies and private individuals all together with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of honeybees within world ecology and specifically increasing the bee population and the recognition and expansion of natural honeybee pollination of our crops. Interested parties can register free of charge on the website, and following registration, access to the market itself will be possible, when the worldwide marketplace is launched online in spring 2018. has been online since October 2017 and is available in both German and English.

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Press Contact
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