Our mission

We are here to stop the rapid and extensive destruction and decline of the world bee population and all the associated negative consequences that come with it

Discover your ability to rescue this important earth resource - live and observable, right on your doorstep. Help us help the world bee population for our future generations.


Bees are responsible for the natural pollination of 80% of our fruits and vegetables, yet are dying in millions annually! If we don't stop the destruction of this species our children will not enjoy the same natural healthy food diversity we enjoy today and may suffer in the future from developing malnutrition and illness. Beekeepers continually become more frustrated and demoralized with the artificial destruction of bee colonies (also natural Winter decline and Spring regrowth management) additionally because replacing bee losses just becomes unaffordable!


We are creating ways to connect with local beekeepers and support them in their efforts to initially sustain and then further develop their vocational business. It takes a special person to be a beekeeper and we feel that supporting them and their work is paramount in the world today. We will create a marketplace and supportive community where beekeepers, farmers, households and companies come together to trade bees, honey and other bee products, bee sponsorships and pollination services.


Our site will be dedicated to everything that supports and develops the "beekeeping" ecosystem and marketplace, to ensure that we will have more bees and more beekeepers to take care of them. Contributors, sponsors, customers, supporters - all will be valued and will be able to play a role in the mission: buying and selling bees, managing bee colonies and hives, benefitting from natural bee pollination of farmed crops and market-garden produce, buying and selling bee related products.

"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live"

We stop the decline of bee colonies and of the beekeepers taking care of them

“Houston, we have a problem!” Our bees are dying by millions each year! This, not only leads to frustration among beekeepers but also their demoralization, as they just can't afford anymore to replace continual bee colony losses. Hektar & Nektar opens the possibility for everybody to sponsor and/or adopt beehives. The beekeeper then uses the "sponsorship or adoption fee" to buy developing and healthy bee colonies from trusted bee breeders within our own Hektar & Nektar community marketplace. In exchange, sponsors get healthy, local and regional honey and other bee products - and are especially supporting the continuation of this mission.


We raise public awareness of the importance of natural pollination by bees

Most people take food diversity for granted. But it is not! If we don't want to eat only rice and noodles in our future – we must take action now. Bees pollinate 80% of our fruits and vegetables and are therefore directly responsible for 1/3rd of our food production. Hektar & Nektar wants to establish public recognition of natural bee pollination as having an invaluable contribution within the food chain. This concept is already recognised in the U.S.A. where it is common for farmers to cooperate with beekeepers in order to significantly increase their (mutual) yield and income.

We harmonise the relationship between farming and beekeeping

Sometimes the relationship between farmers and beekeepers can be tense and the use of chemicals in the farming and gardening industries leads to heated discussion. Beekeepers blame farmers for the usage of pesticides which affects bee colonies and farmers, on the other hand, take bee pollination for granted, not realising the benefits of a professionally managed pollination service. If both sides appreciate their mutual interest in developing and maintaining a beneficial cooperation and relationship (money for the beekeeper - pollinators for the farmer) we believe that greater harmony can be achieved, resulting in both bee colony stabilisation and growth, and increased crop yields.

We provide a state-of-the-art marketplace for bee trading

A beekeeper’s first task every spring is to replace the bee colonies which didn’t survive the winter. Initially just finding a trustworthy bee breeder can be a challenge, then especially finding bee breeders who are able to fulfill the immense demand. Hektar & Nektar will provide a marketplace which makes it easier for beekeepers to buy healthy bees from trustworthy breeders. Also we solve the international transportation challenge by having created a bee transportation box which is safe for bee colony shipments.

We connect beekeepers, farmers/gardeners, households and companies

Everybody can make a difference and contribute to the rescue of our bees. The great thing about any action taken by anyone on the Hektar & Nektar platform is that everybody profits. There is no one-sided action and you always get something in return with the biggest profiteers being the bees. In the end that is all that counts.

What role can you play to safe our bees?



Grow quality and quantity of your products by book a beekeeper to provide pollination service.

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Improve and increase your crop yield. Understand what managed natural pollination can do for you. Get access to pollination providers and grow your outcome significantly.

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Learn about and support bees in the environment. Sponsor or adopt bee hives and get yummy honey and bee products for your family and friends.

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Fulfill a social and ecological responsibility. Sponsor or adopt bee hives, get honey and bee products for your employees, be recognised as a supporter of the global ecology.

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