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Actually we are "digital guys" who have just found ourselves here by chance! Our last project was the conception, development and launch of the employer rating platform www.kununu.com - where we gained our digital experience. Until recently though, the sum of our beekeeping knowledge was only of the animated cartoon series and film: "Maja the Bee".

Mark and Martin

How we arrived here:

One day a beekeeper came to us and asked for our help in joining the digital world, and then the foundation was laid for "Hektar & Nektar". We digital city boys had much to learn and he educated us more and more with days of conversation about beekeeping issues, the world importance of bees, the bee ecosystem and, above all, the problems associated with combating the natural and artificial decline of bees worldwide.

What we have learned:

We discovered that beekeeping cannot be considered as extensive industrialized agriculture, but rather, it is a very time-consuming and cost-intensive activity, which requires many years of experience and is affected by many factors and setbacks (natural bee-death, weather and climate factors, agricultural chemical use, vandalism etc...).

Any beekeeper has to deal with many challenges: from the procurement of bee colonies, the search for suitable places for his beehives, the safe maintenance and security for the hives, to the sale of his bee products. It can be very difficult for a beekeeper to concentrate on this mission and vocation: to cultivate and multiply bee colonies - without a supporting and dedicated digital infrastructure, which is commonplace now in almost all spheres of life.

On the other hand, there is a huge interest from private households and companies to learn more about and to actively contribute to bee protection and to support regional beekeepers in their valuable work. However, currently there is no "partner network" for such supporters and beekeepers to meet and develop partnerships for the mutual education, support and business development for beekeeping and bee product marketing (honeys and wax etc).

What is our concept:

In developing Hektar & Nektar, we want to close these gaps and create a kind of digital marketplace and community, where beekeepers, households, farmers, market-gardeners and companies get together to support beekeeping and benefit mutually from this developing relationship.

For beekeepers and bee breeders a market place is created which facilitates the trade of bee-colonies and queens, and the products necessary for their maintenance. Beekeepers can increase the number of their beehives, receive financial support and have a direction for marketing their services and products.

Farmers and gardeners can benefit from increased product yield through targeted and managed pollination services provided by specialist beekeepers, experienced in this expert area.

Households can learn about and support this important world bee ecosystem and, in addition, enjoy genuine home produced honey from their own beehive (managed and supported by a professional beekeeper).

Schools can incorporate this important educational topic into multiple curricula: science, geography, history, etc.., can learn about and support the important world bee ecosystem and get genuine locally produced honey from their own beehive for school staff and families - of course, all supported by a local experienced beekeeper.

Corporate enterprises can have multiple advantages: being seen to be aware of, and demonstrating their support of, bee protection and the world bee ecosystem, by contributing to and sponsoring/financing the purchase of bee colonies and supporting beekeepers; not only this, though, but also especially having their locally produced honey available for their staff and customers.

We hope you will share our new found enthusiasm and dedicated support for this mission and become involved with Hektar & Nektar.

We would welcome your contact for sharing news, suggestions and comments; please email: office@hektarnektar.com

Martin & Mark Poreda

Our mission

We are here to stop the rapid and extensive destruction and decline of the world bee population and all the associated negative consequences that come with it.

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