Help bees! Become a Honeybee Hero - Save Bees and Save the World

Bees are one of the most important animals in our world! These hard-working insects are directly responsible for 1 in every 3 mouthfuls of food we eat and they naturally pollinate 80% of our fruit and vegetable varieties. However - bee mortality is dramatically progressing, millions of them die every year. We must act now to help bees survive - and you can be a part of this. If we want to bite heartily into an apple in the future, if we want to enjoy snacking on sweet cherries or have colourful salads, we must directly help bee survival. You can help to save bees! Bees need us - and we need bees.

Become a Honeybee Hero - Save Bees and Save the World
Become a Honeybee Hero - Save Bees and Save the World

How can you help?

Join us as a beekeeper/bee breeder

Buy and sell bees, source all your beekeeping requirements and attract new customers

Do you struggle to find healthy bees to replace your winter losses or your first bee colonies?

Search no more - the Hektar & Nektar marketplace is here!

  • Wide range of search options for bees and beekeeping products
  • Trusted bee breeders and secure payment options
  • Direct marketplace for bee products (honeys, wax etc.)
Join us as a beekeeper/bee breeder
Join us as a farmer/gardener

Expand your use of natural pollination and increase your productivity.

Pollination by bees doesn't need to be a matter of luck - it can be controlled and calculated. Invite thousands of natural efficiency boosters to your fields and see the results.

  • Bees are efficient pollinators maintaining consistency while pollinating only specific flowers
  • Support and thrive from natural yet managed pollination
  • Develop and increase the productivity and competitiveness of your crop
Join us as a farmer/gardener
Join us as a household

Learn about and care for bees; produce and enjoy your own healthy honey for your family and friends.

Have your own personal beehive at home and enjoy home produced "yummy honey". Become a beehive sponsor or rent a beehive (supported and cared for by your friendly local beekeeper).

  • Give 50,000 bees a new home
  • Get honey and bee products directly from source
  • Care for the world! Support the mission!
Join us as a household
Join us as a company

Sponsor or host beehives and create environmental value

Turn your company roof or garden premises into a nature sanctuary. Protecting our bees is a great sustainability measure with a regional impact and potential for positive press coverage.

  • Protect natural food diversity for future generations
  • Honey and bee products for your employees and customers
  • A special product which everybody will love as a gift!
Join us as a company

Community & Bee Marketplace

We won't sit still to watch this wonder of nature disappear.

In addition to the development of a supporting community for beekeepers, we are working on an Amazon-like marketplace where beekeepers, farmers/gardeners, households and companies can buy/sell and support bees, bee related products and services.

Find out more

Bee marketplace

With various filter options and functions like online-payment, automatic invoicing and international delivery it’s now easy to trade bees - a common practice in beekeeping.

Our marketplace mission

Bee pollination

Farmers and Gardeners post their pollination needs (location, field size, crop); Hektar & Nektar matches them with regional beekeepers who provide their bees for a paid pollination service.

Our bee-pollination mission

Bee sponsoring

Households who want to preserve local bee colonies can sponsor beehives and get personalized honey in return - for themselves or as a gift for family and friends.

Our bee-sponsoring mission

Bees for companies

Companies understand and support the ecological importance of bees in the environment. Hektar & Nektar matches them with a beekeeper who places and maintains beehives on their premises.

Our bee-adoption mission

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